Arcade Renovations

Arcade RenovationsWe're bringing the old Arcade Renovations brand back to life! When we decided to expand our product line and start carrying more parts then just t-molding we figured why not bring the old name back and use that for all the new parts? We're starting with arcade pushbuttons and will be adding more products as we go. If there's anything you think we should carry, please contact us and let us know.

History Lesson: and ArcadeRenovations were formed at the same time in 2000, originally with Arcade Renovations as the parent company. The two businesses were separated a few years later and Arcade Renovations was then sold in late 2005 to Quarter Arcade. We bought back the domain in 2013, not really sure what we would use it for... until now!

New Products

Sanwa Joystick 8-way with Red Ball Top
100% Sanwa product, and includes the JLF-H 5 pin wiring harness and a red ball top.
Price $24.95
Zippyy Joystick 2-4-8-way with Red Ball Top
Easily switchable between 2-way, 4-way, and 8-way.
Price $8.95
LED Button Wiring Harness
Wire Kit to connect power to up to 15 LED pushbuttons
Price $8.95
I-PAC 2 Controller with USB CableI-PAC 2 Controller with USB Cable
Average rating:
The I-PAC is the ideal interface for connecting arcade controllers such as pushbuttons and joysticks to your computer!
Starting Price $38.95 * Quantity Discounts Available *
I-PAC 4 Controller with USB Cable
The I-PAC 4 is just like the I-PAC 2 but supports 64 inputs to build 4 player arcade controllers!
Starting Price $64.95 * Quantity Discounts Available *
A-PAC Controller with USB Cable
The A-PAC is the ideal interface for connecting analog arcade controllers such as steering wheels and gas pedals to a MAME machine.
Starting Price $42.95 * Quantity Discounts Available *
Happ Marquee Retainer Trim
Suzo Happ Marquee Retainer Trim Kit
2 pieces, 29 inches each, trim to fit your marquee.
Price $12.50
Industrias Lorenzo Pushbutton WrenchIndustrias Lorenzo Pushbutton Wrench
Average rating:
Pushbutton Wrench for easy pushbutton installation
Price $3.75
Suzo Happ Button Plug With Nut
Black Suzo Happ button plug.
Price $2.00